Polis hopes the game "Merseyside" will be held in Manchester.

29 May

The Mirror, the British media, reported that the city's elite wanted to consider the match between Liverpool and visiting Everton on neutral grounds. Because worried that it might cause chaos if "Reds" won the game And leading to the league championship that has been waiting for 3 decades, with the possibility of proposing to use the Old Trafford Stadium or Etihad Stadium.

 Liverpool may have celebrated their first league title in 30 years in Manchester in the match against Everton, as the police wanted the match to be held. "Merseyside Derby Match" at the neutral field Because afraid that "The Kop" disciples would not be able to not come out to congratulate the love team until it became chaotic

After confirming that the English Premier League game will resume, beginning on June 17, which is a residual game between Aston Villa and Sheffield United in the opening match. The other game is a pair of "big matches. "Arsenal visit Manchester City. 

The program will normally start from Friday, June 19 onwards, especially the match in which the manager of the Jürgen Klopp team must face "Blue Toffee" at Goodison Park, it may be the fate of the championship. League immediately if "Reds" win and "Sailboat" misses to lose Arsenal in the midweek game. 

For this reason, the police want the battle "Merseyside" should be organized at the neutral field. Because they are worried about the union of football fans "The Red" who is expected to celebrate the success of the team Which is against the social spacing policy To prevent the spread of the virus, Covid-19

 It is possible that the Old Trafford or Etihad Stadium may be proposed to organize this game. That means L

verpool, who have scored 25 points, may have celebrated their first success since 1990 in Manchester.

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